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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Effect of niclosamide on the tegumental surface of Haplorchis taichui using scanning electron microscopyK. Kumchoo; C. Wongsawad; P. Vanittanakom; J. Y. Chai; A. Rojanapaibul
1-Jan-2014Geographic information of fish-borne parasitic metacercaria in chi river, Mahasarakham, ThailandC. Nithikathkul; P. Reungsang; A. Trivanich; P. Homchumpa; S. Tongsiri; C. Wongsawad
1-Sep-2017Health informatics model for helminthiasis in ThailandC. Nithikathkul; A. Trevanich; T. Wongsaroj; C. Wongsawad; P. Reungsang
27-Jul-2022Morphological and molecular characterization of larval trematodes infecting the assassin snail genus Anentome in ThailandN. Chomchoei; T. Backeljau; B. Segers; C. Wongsawad; P. Butboonchoo; N. Nantarat
1-Dec-2020Prevalence of trematode Metacercariae in Cyprinoid fish and food consumption behaviors of people from Chiang Rai Province, Northern ThailandP. Jitkham; C. Wongsawad; P. Koychusakun; C. Phalaraksh
1-Dec-2011Raphidascaris (Ichthyascaris) arii sp. n. (Nematoda: Anisakidae), a new ascaridoid nematode from marine catfishes in the Gulf of ThailandT. Yooyen; F. Moravec; C. Wongsawad
1-Jan-2019Soil-transmitted Helminthiases and Risk Factors among Thai Hill-Tribe Preschool-Age Children in Remote Area of ThailandC. Thessingha; C. Wongsawad; P. Homchampa; P. Laothiang; C. Nithikathkul
1-Jan-2005A survey of helminths in cyprinoid fish from the Mae Ngad Somboonchon Reservoir, Chiang Mai Province, ThailandK. Boonchot; C. Wongsawad
1-Jan-2005Toxicological study of aqueous and ethanolic extracts from Pueraria mirifica Airy Shaw & suvatabandhu on male ratsP. Sanchanta; K. Saenphet; S. Saenphet; S. Aritajat; C. Wongsawad