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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2022Assessment of IAA synthesis by endophytic bacteria in Vanda (Orchidaceae)W. Inkaewpuangkham; C. Inkham; S. Ruamrungsri; Y. Chromkaew; K. Panjama
1-Dec-2011Critical nitrogen level determination in curcuma alismatifolia gagnepC. Inkham; K. Sueyoshi; N. Ohtake; T. Ohyama; S. Ruamrungsri
1-Jan-2019Diural fertilizer application affected nitrogen uptake in Vanda via roots and leavesK. Panjama; N. Ohtake; T. Sato; T. Ohyama; K. Sueyoshi; C. Inkham; S. Ruamrungsri
21-Jul-2017Effect of calcium nitrate addition on growth and bulb quality of HippeastrumS. Ruamrungsri; C. Inkham
1-Jun-2021Effect of nitrogen, potassium and calcium concentrations on growth, yield and nutritional quality of green oak lettuceC. Inkham; K. Panjama; P. Seehanam; S. Ruamrungsri
15-Oct-2017Effects of different plant spacing and fertilizer rates on growth and rhizome yields of Curcuma alismatifoliaS. Ruamrungsri; C. Inkham
1-Apr-2022Effects of irrigation levels on growth and chemical constituents in Curcuma alismatifoliaC. Inkham; J. Julsrigival; S. Chansakaow; P. Hongpakdee; K. Panjama; S. Ruamrungsri
1-Jun-2021Effects of rhizome storage and handling on growth and development of Curcuma hybrid 'Great Reign'K. Panjama; S. Kamonsit; C. Inkham; S. Ruamrungsri
1-Sep-2011Effects of temperature and nitrogen sources on growth and nitrogen assimilation of Curcuma alismatifolia GagnepC. Inkham; K. Sueyoshi; N. Ohtake; T. Ohyama; S. Ruamrungsri
1-Aug-2020Root-zone cooling by cold energy from LNG regasification process for quality improvement of flower and bulb of HippeastrumC. Inkham; P. Hongpakdee; I. Kajornrungsilp; C. Thanamatee; S. Ruamrungsri