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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2006Assessing water tenure security and livelihoods of highland people in northern ThailandChapika Sangkapitux; Andreas Neef
1-Mar-2010Better than their reputation: Enhancing the validity of contingent valuation mail survey results through citizen expert groupsMichael Ahlheim; Benchaphun Ekasingh; Oliver Frör; Jirawan Kitchaicharoen; Andreas Neef; Chapika Sangkapitux; Nopasom Sinphurmsukskul
1-Dec-2009Can paper mulberry contribute to building sustainable rural livelihoods in northern Laos?Andreas Neef; Pornsiri Suebpongsang; Chanhsom Manythong; Wirachinee Tacheena; Ogata Kazuo
12-Jun-2012Can public GAP standards reduce agricultural pesticide use? The case of fruit and vegetable farming in northern ThailandPepijn Schreinemachers; Iven Schad; Prasnee Tipraqsa; Pakakrong M. Williams; Andreas Neef; Suthathip Riwthong; Walaya Sangchan; Christian Grovermann
1-Sep-2009Collaborative market development as a propoor and pro-environmental strategyAnne Marie Tremblay; Andreas Neef
1-Jan-2005Diversity of water management systems: Examples from Hmong and Thai communities in Mae Sa Watershed northern ThailandAndreas Neef; Peter Elstner; Chapika Sangkapitux; Liane Chamsai; Anne Bollen; Jirawan Kitchaicharoen
1-Sep-2017Eliciting citizen preferences for multifunctional agriculture in the watershed areas of northern Thailand through choice experiment and latent class modelsChapika Sangkapitux; Pornsiri Suebpongsang; Varaporn Punyawadee; Nucharee Pimpaoud; Jiraporn Konsurin; Andreas Neef
1-Jan-2007IntroductionAndreas Neef; Benchaphun Ekasingh
1-Dec-2008Juggling multiple roles or falling between all stools? Insider action research in a collaborative agricultural research program in Southeast AsiaAndreas Neef; Rupert Friederichsen; Dieter Neubert
1-Jan-2006Land tenure and water rights in thailand and vietnam - Challenges for ethnic minorities in mountainous forest regionsAndreas Neef; Jorg Hager; Thomas Wirth; Rainer Schwarzmeier; Franz Heidhues
1-Jan-2013Microtrade in agricultureAndreas Neef; Kei Mizuno; Iven Schad; Pakakrong M. Williams; Franklin Rwenzimula
1-Oct-2008Participatory computer simulation to support collective decision-making: Potential and limits of stakeholder involvementNicolas Becu; Andreas Neef; Pepijn Schreinemachers; Chapika Sangkapitux
1-Jan-2007Participatory research for sustainable development in Vietnam and Thailand: From a static to an evolving conceptAndreas Neef; Rupert Friederichsen; Dieter Neubert; Benchaphun Ekasingh; Franz Heidhues; Nguyen The Dang
1-Dec-2006Payments for environmental services, tenure security and environmental valuation: Concepts and policies towards a better environmentMichael Ahlheim; Andreas Neef
1-Dec-2013The Politics and Ethics of Land Concessions in Rural CambodiaAndreas Neef; Siphat Touch; Jamaree Chiengthong
25-Oct-2006Public participation in water management in northern Thai highlandsHelene Heyd; Andreas Neef
1-Jan-2007Resource tenure and sustainable land management — case studies from Northern Vietnam and Northern ThailandAndreas Neef; Prapinwadee Sirisupluxana; Thomas Wirth; Chapika Sangkapitux; Franz Heidhues; Dao Chau Thu; Anan Ganjanapan
1-Apr-2006Soil mapping for land-use planning in a karst area of N Thailand with due consideration of local knowledgeUlrich Schuler; Chalathon Choocharoen; Peter Elstner; Andreas Neef; Karl Stahr; Mehdi Zarei; Ludger Herrmann
1-Jan-2007Synthesis, conclusions and implications for institutional development and future researchBenchaphun Ekasingh; Andreas Neef
1-Jan-2007Water allocation and management in Northern Thailand: The case of mae sa watershedAndreas Neef; Chapika Sangkapitux; Wolfram Spreer; Peter Elstner; Liane Chamsai; Anne Bollen; Jirawan Kitchaicharoen