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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2019Appropriate Total cholesterol cut-offs for detection of abnormal LDL cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol among low cardiovascular risk populationNopakoon Nantsupawat; Apaputch Booncharoen; Anawat Wisetborisut; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen; Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish; Lalita Chutarattanakul; Chaisiri Angkurawaranon
1-Sep-2019Association of health-related quality of life with residential distance from home stone-mortar factories in Northern ThailandSakesun Thongtip; Penprapa Siviroj; Athavudh Deesomchok; Anawat Wisetborisut; Tippawan Prapamontol
13-Aug-2014Chiang Mai university health worker study aiming toward a better understanding of noncommunicable disease development in Thailand: Methods and description of study populationChaisiri Angkurawaranon; Anawat Wisetborisut; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen; Surinporn Likhitsathian; Ronnaphob Uaphanthasath; Patama Gomutbutra; Surin Jiraniramai; Chawin Lerssrimonkol; Apinun Aramrattanna; Pat Doyle; Dorothea Nitsch
1-Mar-2020Crystalline silica exposure and air quality perception of residents living around home stone factoriesSakesun Thongtip; Penprapa Siviroj; Athavudh Deesomchok; Anawat Wisetborisut; Tippawan Prapamontol
16-Sep-2015Early life urban exposure as a risk factor for developing obesity and impaired fasting glucose in later adulthood: Results from two cohorts in ThailandChaisiri Angkurawaranon; Anawat Wisetborisut; Kittipan Rerkasem; Sam Ang Seubsman; Adrian Sleigh; Pat Doyle; Dorothea Nitsch
1-Mar-2019Effects of high silica exposure on respiratory disorders among stone-mortar workers in Northern ThailandSakesun Thongtip; Penprapa Siviroj; Athavudh Deesomchok; Tippawan Prapamontol; Anawat Wisetborisut; Supakit Khacha-Ananda
21-Aug-2020Exploring perceptions, attitudes and beliefs of Thai patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus as they relate to medication adherence at an out-patient primary care clinic in Chiang Mai, ThailandWichuda Jiraporncharoen; Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish; Korsin Junjom; Nisachol Dejkriengkraikul; Anawat Wisetborisut; Iliatha Papachristou; Ahmar Hashmi; Chaisiri Angkurawaranon
1-Dec-2016Predictors of quality of life of medical students and a comparison with quality of life of adult health care workers in ThailandChaisiri Angkurawaranon; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen; Arty Sachdev; Anawat Wisetborisut; Withita Jangiam; Ronnaphob Uaphanthasath
1-Dec-2019Risk of harm from alcohol use and heavy alcohol consumption: Its association with other NCD risk factors in ThailandNalinee Jakkaew; Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen; Anawat Wisetborisut; Surin Jiraniramai; Ahmar Hashmi; Chaisiri Angkurawaranon
1-Apr-2020A suitable biomarker of effect, club cell protein 16, from crystalline silica exposure among Thai stone-carving workersSakesun Thongtip; Penprapa Siviroj; Tippawan Prapamontol; Athavudh Deesomchok; Anawat Wisetborisut; Sawitree Nangola; Supakit Khacha-ananda
19-Jul-2018Translation and validation of the PACIC+ questionnaire: The Thai versionDaniel Zeugfang; Anawat Wisetborisut; Chaisiri Angkurawaranon; Apinun Aramrattana; Michel Wensing; Joachim Szecsenyi; Katja Krug
1-Jul-2021Utilization of health care services and common disease diagnoses among university students: An analysis of 35,249 students from thailandSuphawita Pliannuom; Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish; Chaisiri Angkurawaranon; Anawat Wisetborisut; Surinporn Likhitsathian; Wichuda Jiraporncharoen