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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2021Adaptive Image Segmentation for Traumatic Brain HaemorrhageAhmad Yahya Dawod; Aniwat Phaphuangwittayakul
1-Jan-2021Adaptive slices in brain haemorrhage segmentation based on the slic algorithmAhmad Yahya Dawod; Aniwat Phaphuangwittayakul; Fangli Ying; Salita Angkurawaranon
1-Dec-2021Assessing mangrove deforestation using pixel-based image: A machine learning approachAhmad Yahya Dawod; Mohammed Ali Sharafuddin
Apr-2023Comparison between capital market in Thailand and digital asset marketsSomsak Chanaim; Ahmad Yahya Dawod; Kanyawut Ariya
1-Aug-2022ESG Rating and Northbound Capital Shareholding Preferences: Evidence from ChinaGuochao Wan; Ahmad Yahya Dawod
1-Apr-2022A hybrid method for traumatic brain injury lesion segmentationAhmad Yahya Dawod; Aniwat Phaphuangwittayakul; Salita Angkurawaranon
May-2023Impact of ESG ratings on information efficiency in capital market for chinese-listed companiesAhmad Yahya Dawod; Wan, Guochao
1-Jan-2022Legal Informatics of HS Code Automatic Compliance Translation Based on Cross-border Trade DigitizationJiali Mao; Ahmad Yahya Dawod
1-Aug-2019Novel technique for isolated sign language based on fingerspelling recognitionAhmad Yahya Dawod; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-May-2022An optimal deep learning framework for multi-type hemorrhagic lesions detection and quantification in head CT images for traumatic brain injuryAniwat Phaphuangwittayakul; Yi Guo; Fangli Ying; Ahmad Yahya Dawod; Salita Angkurawaranon; Chaisiri Angkurawaranon
1-Dec-2022Simulated trial and error experiments on productivityKarn Thamprasert; Ahmad Yahya Dawod; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-Feb-2022Twitter Sentiment Analysis and Expert Ratings of Initial Coin Offering Fundraising: Evidence from Australia and Singapore MarketsAnchaya Chursook; Ahmad Yahya Dawod; Somsak Chanaim; Nathee Naktnasukanjn; Nopasit Chakpitak