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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2021A comparison of energy harvesting from cement and asphalt on road pavement using thermoelectric moduleYuttana Mona; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Konlayutt Punyawudho
1-Apr-2021The effect of porous media on a solar thermoelectric energy harvesting systemYuttana Mona; Tuan Anh Do; Sukanya Pothaya; Sitthichai Wongnor
1-Nov-2022Energy consumptions and CO<inf>2</inf> emissions of different powertrains under real-world driving with various route characteristicsPana Suttakul; Thongchai Fongsamootr; Wongkot Wongsapai; Yuttana Mona; Kittikun Poolsawat
1-Nov-2022Energy reduction for commercial freezer by force convection cooling of heatsinkSurasit Thiangchanta; Rungnapha Khiewwijit; Siraprapa Chainetr; Yuttana Mona
1-Sep-2021Energy reduction of split-type air conditioners using a pre-cooling system for the condenserSurasit Thiangchanta; Tuan Anh Do; Pana Suttakul; Yuttana Mona
1-Dec-2020Experimental investigation of the thermoelectric cooling with vacuum wall systemSurasit Thiangchanta; Tuan Anh Do; Watcharapong Tachajapong; Yuttana Mona
1-Aug-2022Geothermal electricity generator using thermoelectric module for IoT monitoringYuttana Mona; Tuan Anh Do; Chihiro Sekine; Pana Suttakul; Chatchawan Chaichana
1-Jan-2021Material behavior of 2d steel lattices with different unit-cell patternsPaiboon Limpitipanich; Pana Suttakul; Yuttana Mona; Thongchai Fongsamootr
1-Nov-2022Modelling of annual sunlight availability on vertical shelves: A case study in ThailandChatchawan Chaichana; Ar Man; Suwimon Wicharuck; Yuttana Mona; Damrongsak Rinchumphu
1-Jan-2020Recent development and thermoelectric application in rural countryTuan Anh Do; Yuttana Mona
1-Nov-2022Total cost of ownership of internal combustion engine and electric vehicles: A real-world comparison for the case of ThailandPana Suttakul; Wongkot Wongsapai; Thongchai Fongsamootr; Yuttana Mona; Kittikun Poolsawat