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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2017Analysis of power losses for a nine-switch inverter in common-frequency mode applicationNeerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-May-2017A Carrier-Based Phase-Shift Space Vector Modulation Strategy for a Nine-Switch InverterNeerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Jan-2013A carrier-based unbalanced PWM method for four-leg voltage source inverter fed unsymmetrical two-phase induction motorYuttana Kumsuwan; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Vijit Kinnares
19-Dec-2017A CB-SVPWM control strategy for neutral-poin voltage balancing in three-level NPC invertersHussapong Kitidet; Yuttana Kumsuwan
6-Sep-2016A comparative study of vector control strategies for rotor-side converter of DFIG wind energy systemsWatcharin Srirattanawichaikul; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Yuttana Kumsuwan
17-Aug-2015Continuous SVM strategy with current sector control concept for a three-phase three-level PFC rectifierOng Ard Tubburee; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Dec-2013Control of single-phase cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter with modified MPPT for grid-connected photovoltaic systemsChaiyant Boonmee; Yuttana Kumsuwan
6-Sep-2016A control strategy for a matrix converter based on Venturini method under unbalanced input voltage conditionsPornpimol Boonseam; Neerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Jan-2022A Developed PLL Control Technique for Distorted and Unbalanced Grid Voltages with a Three-Level NPC Converter-Based Off-Board Battery ChargerThidarat Thanakam; Yuttana Kumsuwan
13-Jul-2016Discontinuous and continuous space vector modulations for a nine-switch inverterNeerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan
19-Oct-2017Discontinuous gate-drive signals for a three-phase three-switch unidirectional delta-Type rectifier based on 2L-SVM analysis of a vienna rectifierOng Art Tubburee; Yuttana Kumsuwan
22-Oct-2018Discontinuous SVM Technique for Three-Leg VSI Fed Balanced/Unbalanced Two-Phase LoadsSupanut Charoensuksirikul; Yuttana Kumsuwan
9-May-2019Elimination of Common-Mode Voltage in Dual Two-Level Voltage Source Inverter Fed Open-End Load Using a Discontinuous SVM TechniqueNuttawout Buarat; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Jul-2019Elimination of differential-mode voltage in dual-inverter drive fed open-end winding induction motor using pwm techniquesNuttawout Buarat; Yuttana Kumsuwan
18-Jan-2019Grid synchronization of doubly-fed induction generator system using current vector controlSutthimat Mueangngoen; Yuttana Kumsuwan
19-Dec-2017Grid-flux-oriented control and synchronization for a doubly-fed induction generator systemSutthimat Mueangngoen; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Jan-2022A High-Performance Grid-Tied Three-Level T-Type Converter for Off-Board Battery Chargers under AC-Side Voltage Distortions and UnbalancesThidarat Thanakam; Yuttana Kumsuwan
17-Aug-2015Implementation of ripple correlation control MPPT for single-phase VSI grid-connected PV systemsChaiyant Boonmee; Yuttana Kumsuwan
23-Sep-2008Implementation of shunt active power filter using source voltage and source current detectionUdom Khruathep; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Nov-2013An improvement in synchronously rotating reference frame-based voltage sag detection under distorted grid voltagesYutthachai Sillapawicharn; Yuttana Kumsuwan