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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2013Rapid detection and identification of Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, b. pahangi, and Dirofilaria immitis in mosquito vectors and blood samples by high resolution melting real-time PCRTongjit Thanchomnang; Pewpan M. Intapan; Chairat Tantrawatpan; Viraphong Lulitanond; Sudchit Chungpivat; Piyanan Taweethavonsawat; Worasak Kaewkong; Oranuch Sanpool; Penchom Janwan; Wej Choochote; Wanchai Maleewong
1-Mar-2008Rapid detection of Brugia malayi in mosquito vectors using a real-time fluorescence resonance energy transfer PCR and melting curve analysisTongjit Thanchomnang; Pewpan M. Intapan; Viraphong Lulitanond; Wej Choochote; Anonglak Manjai; Thidarat K. Prasongdee; Wanchai Maleewong
25-Mar-2010Rapid detection of Dirofilaria immitis in mosquito vectors and dogs using a real-time fluorescence resonance energy transfer PCR and melting curve analysisTongjit Thanchomnang; Pewpan M. Intapan; Viraphong Lulitanond; Somboon Sangmaneedet; Sudchit Chungpivat; Piyanan Taweethavonsawat; Wej Choochote; Wanchai Maleewong
1-Dec-2013A recombinant matrix metalloproteinase protein from gnathostoma spinigerum for serodiagnosis of neurognathostomiasisPenchom Janwan; Pewpan M. Intapan; Hiroshi Yamasaki; Porntip Laummaunwai; Kittisak Sawanyawisuth; Chaisiri Wongkham; Chatchai Tayapiwatana; Amnat Kitkhuandee; Viraphong Lulitanond; Yukifumi Nawa; Wanchai Maleewong
1-Aug-2013Short report: Molecular evidence of Trichostrongylus colubriformis and Trichostrongylus axei infections in humans from Thailand and Lao PDRIssarapong Phosuk; Pewpan M. Intapan; Oranuch Sanpool; Penchom Janwan; Tongjit Thanchomnang; Kittisak Sawanyawisuth; Nimit Morakote; Wanchai Maleewong
1-Jun-2011Short report: Molecular identification of Trichinella papuae from a Thai patient with imported trichinellosisPewpan M. Intapan; Verajit Chotmongkol; Chairat Tantrawatpan; Oranuch Sanpool; Nimit Morakote; Wanchai Maleewong
1985A Study of gnathostomiasis in experimental animals : antibody and eosinophil responses = การศึกษาโรคพยาธิตัวจี๊ดในสัตว์ทดลอง : การตอบสนองของแอนติบอดีและอิโอสิโนฟิล / Wanchai MaleewongWanchai Maleewong
1-Dec-2013Susceptibility of laboratory rodents to Trichinella papuaeLakkhana Sadaow; Pewpan M. Intapan; Thidarut Boonmars; Nimit Morakote; Wanchai Maleewong
1-May-2020Systematic studies of Anopheles (Cellia) kochi (Diptera: Culicidae): Morphology, cytogenetics, cross-mating experiments, molecular evidence and susceptibility level to infection with nocturnally subperiodic Brugia malayiWatchara Jatuwattana; Atiporn Saeung; Kritsana Taai; Wichai Srisuka; Sorawat Thongsahuan; Kittipat Aupalee; Petchaboon Poolphol; Kanchon Pusawang; Pradya Somboon; Wanchai Maleewong
1-Dec-2017Two new species of Simulium (Gomphostilbia) (Diptera: Simuliidae) from Myanmar, and their phylogenetic relationships with related species in the S. asakoae species-groupHiroyuki Takaoka; Wichai Srisuka; Van Lun Low; Wanchai Maleewong; Atiporn Saeung