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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2020New finite-time stability analysis of singular fractional differential equations with time-varying delayNguyen T. Thanh; Vu N. Phat; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Dec-2021New results on finite-time stability of fractional-order neural networks with time-varying delayNguyen T. Thanh; P. Niamsup; Vu N. Phat
26-Apr-2011The novel sufficient condition for stability of discrete-time control system of neural networksK. Ratchagit; P. Niamsup; Vu N. Phat
1-Jan-2021Observer-based finite-time control of linear fractional-order systems with interval time-varying delayNguyen T. Thanh; Piyapong Niamsup; Vu N. Phat
22-Jan-2018On finite-time stability of linear positive differential-algebraic delay equationsNguyen H. Sau; Vu N. Phat; P. Niamsup
1-Dec-2016Positivity and stability analysis for linear implicit difference delay equationsNguyen H. Sau; P. Niamsup; Vu N. Phat
1-Jun-2018Robust Finite-time H<inf>∞</inf>Control of Linear Time-varying Delay Systems with Bounded Control via Riccati EquationsPiyapong Niamsup; Vu N. Phat
1-Oct-2016Robust finite-time stabilization of nonlinear systems with multiple delays in states and controlsP. Niamsup; Nguyen T. Thanh; Vu N. Phat
1-Oct-2006Stability of linear time-varying delay systems and applications to control problemsVu N. Phat; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Jan-2020State feedback stabilization of linear descriptor time-varying delay systemsPiyapong Niamsup; Vu N. Phat