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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2017Sintering temperature-microstructure-property relationships of alumina matrix composites with silicon carbide and silica additivesApichart Limpichaipanit; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon; Tawee Tunkasiri
1-Dec-2009Sol-gel derived PZT and PZTN ceramics: A role of sintering temperatureChontira Sangsubun; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
13-Apr-2006Sol-gel processing and phase characterization of Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>and Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>/SiC nanocomposite powdersSukanda Jiansirisomboon; Kenneth J.D. MacKenzie
1-Dec-2009Stress dependent ferroelectric properties of PZT and 0.9PZT - 0.1BLT ceramicsNavavan Thongmee; Muangjai Unruan; Rattikorn Yimnirun; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
23-Jul-2010Stress-dependent dielectric and ferroelectric properties of sol-gel-derived PZT/WO<inf>3</inf> ceramicsTharathip Sreesattabud; Muangjai Unruan; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon; Rattikorn Yimnirun
30-Dec-2009Structure-properties relation of co-dope bismuth layer-structuredBi 3.25La0.75(Ti1-xWx) 3O12 ceramicsPasinee Siriprapa; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
1-Jan-2012Structure-property relations of ferroelectric BaTiO<inf>3</inf>ceramics containing nano-sized Si<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf>particulatesOrapim Namsar; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
5-Feb-2010Synthesis of stainless steel/CNTs nanocomposite powdersDuanghathai Kaewsai; Pisith Singjai; Pannada Niranatlumpong; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon
1-Dec-2013Thermal expansion behavior of (Bi<inf>0.5</inf>Na<inf>0.5</inf>)Zr<inf>1- x</inf>Ti<inf>x</inf>O<inf>3</inf>ceramicsPanupong Jaiban; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Rattikorn Yimnirun; Ruyan Guo; Amar S. Bhalla
1-Jan-2013X-ray absorption spectroscopy identification of Mn-doped Bi 3.25La0.75Ti3O12 ceramicsKanokwan Kanchiang; Pasinee Siriprapa; Rattikorn Yimnirun; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon; Yongyut Laosiritaworn
20-Nov-2015X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Analysis and Electrical Properties of Bi<inf>0.5</inf>(Na<inf>0.80</inf>K<inf>0.20</inf>)<inf>0.5</inf>TiO<inf>3</inf>-LiNbO<inf>3</inf>Lead-Free PiezoelectricsPimpilai Wannasut; Pharatree Jaita; Anucha Watcharapasorn; Sukanda Jiansirisomboon