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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Cenozoic tectonic evolution of southeastern thailand derived from low-temperature thermochronologySimon Nachtergaele; Stijn Glorie; Christopher Morley; Punya Charusiri; Pitsanupong Kanjanapayont; Pieter Vermeesch; Andrew Carter; Gerben Van Ranst; Johan De Grave
1-Dec-2018Data analysis of the U–Pb geochronology and Lu–Hf system in zircon and whole-rock Sr, Sm–Nd and Pb isotopic systems for the granitoids of ThailandRomana E.C. Dew; Simon Nachtergaele; Alan S. Collins; Stijn Glorie; John Foden; Johan De Grave; Morgan L. Blades; Christopher K. Morley; Noreen J. Evans; Brandon L. Alessio; Pitsanupong Kanjanapayont; Rosalind King; Punya Charusiri
1-Feb-2021In-situ calcite U-Pb geochronology of hydrothermal veins in Thailand: New constraints on Indosinian and Cenozoic deformationAlexander Simpson; Stijn Glorie; Chris K. Morley; Nick M.W. Roberts; Jack Gillespie; Jack K. Lee
1-Nov-2018Probing into Thailand's basement: New insights from U–Pb geochronology, Sr, Sm–Nd, Pb and Lu–Hf isotopic systems from granitoidsRomana E.C. Dew; Alan S. Collins; Stijn Glorie; Christopher K. Morley; Morgan L. Blades; Simon Nachtergaele; Rosalind King; John Foden; Johan De Grave; Pitsanupong Kanjanapayont; Noreen J. Evans; Brandon L. Alessio; Punya Charusiri
1-Jan-2018Stratigraphy of deformed permian carbonate reefs in Saraburi Province, ThailandRomana E.C. Dew; Rosalind King; Alan S. Collins; Christopher K. Morley; Francesco Arboit; Stijn Glorie