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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2017Early testosterone replacement attenuates intracellular calcium dyshomeostasis in the heart of testosterone-deprived male ratsPunate Weerateerangkul; Krekwit Shinlapawittayatorn; Siripong Palee; Nattayaporn Apaijai; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-Aug-2011Effect of rosiglitazone on cardiac electrophysiology, infarct size and mitochondrial function in ischaemia and reperfusion of swine and rat heartSiripong Palee; Punate Weerateerangkul; Sirirat Surinkeaw; Siriporn Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
2007Effects of ascorbic acid on streptozotocin in induced oxidative stress and momory impairment in rats = ผลของกรดแอสคอร์บิดต่อภาวะ oxidative stress และความจำเสื่อมที่เกิดจาก streptozotocin ในหนู / Punate WeerateerangkulPunate Weerateerangkul
2012Effects of Kaempferia parviflora extract on the Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Heart / Punate WeerateerangkulPunate Weerateerangkul
1-Sep-2012Effects of Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex. baker and sildenafil citrate on cGMP level, cardiac function, and intracellular Ca2+ regulation in rat heartsPunate Weerateerangkul; Siripong Palee; Kroekkiat Chinda; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-Jan-2013Effects of Kaempferia parviflora Wall. Ex. baker on electrophysiology of the swine heartsPunate Weerateerangkul; Sirirat Surinkaew; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-Nov-2013Low-amplitude, left vagus nerve stimulation significantly attenuates ventricular dysfunction and infarct size through prevention of mitochondrial dysfunction during acute ischemia-reperfusion injuryKrekwit Shinlapawittayatorn; Kroekkiat Chinda; Siripong Palee; Sirirat Surinkaew; Kittiya Thunsiri; Punate Weerateerangkul; Siriporn Chattipakorn; Bruce H. Kenknight; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-May-2013Mechanisms responsible for beneficial and adverse effects of rosiglitazone in a rat model of acute cardiac ischaemia-reperfusionSiripong Palee; Punate Weerateerangkul; Kroekkiat Chinda; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-Jan-2011Roles of the nitric oxide signaling pathway in cardiac ischemic preconditioning against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injuryPunate Weerateerangkul; Siriporn Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn