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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2018A Novel Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Node Deployment Algorithm with Parameter-Free ConfigurationRungrote Kuawattanaphan; Paskorn Champrasert; Somrawee Aramkul
1-Jul-2019The particulate matter concentration spatial prediction using interpolation techniques with machine learningPattaraporn Chuanchai; Paskorn Champrasert; Kitimapond Rattanadoung
1-Jan-2021A Portal for Air Pollution Mitigation for Northern ThailandRattapol Pornprasit; Methasit Pengmatchaya; Waranya Mahanan; Paskorn Champrasert; Juggapong Natwichai
1-Jan-2015Prioritized multiobjective optimization in WSN redeployment using waterfall selectionRungrote Kuawattanaphan; Paskorn Champrasert
2021Privacy preservation for re-publication data using probabilistic graphJuggapong Natwichai; Paskorn Champrasert; Pruet Boonma; Pachara Tinamas
1-Jan-2020Real-Time Seven Segment Display Detection and Recognition Online System Using CNNAutanan Wannachai; Wanarut Boonyung; Paskorn Champrasert
1-Jan-2014RSU placement optimization in vehicular participatory sensing networksTeerawat Kumrai; Kaoru Ota; Mianxiong Dong; Paskorn Champrasert
3-Nov-2017A self adaptive telemetry station for flash flood early warning systemsAutanan Wannachai; Paskorn Champrasert; Somrawee Aramkul
1-Dec-2012Self-stabilizable symbiosis for cloud data center applications: A game theoretic perspectiveJunichi Suzuki; Paskorn Champrasert; Chonho Lee
6-Sep-2016Solving asymmetric link problems in WSNs using site Link Quality Estimators and dual-tree topologyKanitpong Pengwon; Tharadol Komolmis; Paskorn Champrasert
Sep-2023Solving electric vehicle routing problem using genetic algorithm and ant colony optimizationPaskorn Champrasert; Sarin Thong-ia
1-Jan-2022Using Photo Images with Deep Residual Network for PM2.5 Value EstimationAnupam Kamble; Paskorn Champrasert
6-Apr-2024Vehicle routing for relief supplies distribution under uncertainty of natural disasterPaskorn Champrasert; Thanan Toathom
1-Mar-2020Water irrigation decision support system for practicalweir adjustment using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniquesBenya Suntaranont; Somrawee Aramkul; Manop Kaewmoracharoen; Paskorn Champrasert
18-Oct-2017Water level prediction using artificial neural network with particle swarm optimization modelPornnapa Panyadee; Paskorn Champrasert; Chuchoke Aryupong
1-Dec-2013Wireless sensor nodes redeployment using a multiobjective optimization evolutionary algorithmRungrote Kuawattanaphan; Teerawat Kumrai; Paskorn Champrasert