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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2020Evaluation and Forecasting of Functional Port Technical Efficiency in ASEAN-4Anuphak Saosaovaphak; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Satawat Wannapan
1-Jan-2018The extreme value forecasting in dynamics situations for reducing of economic crisis: Cases from Thailand, Malaysia, and SingaporeChukiat Chaiboonsri; Satawat Wannapan
1-Jan-2016Extreme values analysis for Asean stock exchangesChukiat Chaiboonsri; Prasert Chaitip
Jun-2021Factors affecting on China’s Electricity Industry for its outward foreign direct investmentChukiat Chaiboonsri; Anuphak Saosaovaphak; Liang, Kexin
1-Dec-2021Forecasting for the optimal numbers of covid‐19 infection to maintain economic circular flows of thailandChanamart Intapan; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Pairach Piboonrungroj
1-Jan-2017Forecasting methods for safeguarding ASEAN-5 stock exchanges during extreme volatilityChukiat Chaiboonsri; Prasert Chaitip
1-Jan-2018Forecasting of VaR in extreme event under economic cycle phenomena for the ASEAN-4 stock exchangeSatawat Wannapan; Pattaravadee Rakpuang; Chukiat Chaiboonsri
1-Feb-2017Foreign direct investment, exports and economic growth in ASEAN region: Empirical analysis from panel dataPheara Pheang; Jianxu Liu; Jirakom Sirisrisakulchai; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Songsak Sriboonchitta
26-Jul-2018Frontier of error minimization from copula model application: Evidence from dependence structure of BRICS's stock marketsJittima Singvejsakul; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Songsak Sriboonchitta
10-Sep-2019The Frontier of Estimator in Agriculture Economics: Application for Rice Products in 7 Top Countries in AsiaChukiat Chaiboonsri; Satawat Wannapan
1-Jan-2018Identification of the connection between tourism demand and economic growth in ASEAN-3Satawat Wannapan; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2022Impact of China’s OFDI to the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS)Nisit Panthamit; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Chira Bureecam
30-May-2023The Impact of economic factors on the box office revenue of films in ChinaChukiat Chaiboonsri; Kanchana Chokethaworn; Wang, Junjun
Sep-2023The Impact of environmental-related technology innovation on green growth in China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and the PhilippinesChukiat Chaiboonsri; Chanamart Intapan; Li, Manyue
Jul-2023The Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the dynamic dependence structure of the China’s carbon market and energy marketChukiat Chaiboonsri; Anuphak Saosaovaphak; Wang, Yun
Oct-2022The Impacts of China’s Central Bank Digital Currency on Third-party Payment in ChinaChatchai Khiewngamdee; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Chunxia Tian
Nov-2023Influence of metro construction on Kunming economyChukiat Chaiboonsri; Natta Nattapan; Nisit Panthamit; Zhao, Hengyi
1-Feb-2017Joint determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow in Cambodia: A panel co-integration approachTheara Chhorn; Jirakom Sirisrisakulchai; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Jianxu Liu
1-Jan-2018Macro-econometric forecasting for during periods of economic cycle using bayesian extreme value optimization algorithmSatawat Wannapan; Chukiat Chaiboonsri; Songsak Sriboonchitta
Aug-2022The Macroeconomics variables analysis during the Covid-19 Pandemic in ChinaChukiat Chaiboonsri; Zonghui Liang