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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2019Present status of 4 MeV electron beam accelerator system for natural rubber irradiationS. Suphakul; M. W. Rhodes; J. Saisut; S. Rimjaem; C. Thongbai
1-Jan-2012Progress on reflective terahertz imaging for identification of water in flow channels of PEM fuel cellsP. Buaphad; P. Thamboon; C. Tengsirivattana; J. Saisut; K. Kusoljariyakul; M. W. Rhodes; C. Thongbai
1-Jan-2005Radiation production using femtosecond electron bunchesC. Thongbai; V. Jinamoon; N. Kangrang; K. Kusoljariyakul; S. Rimjaem; J. Saisut; T. Vilaithong; M. W. Rhodes; P. Wichaisirimongkol; S. Chumphongphan
1-Dec-2006Review and analysis of autocorrelation electron bunch length measurementsC. Thongbai; H. Wiedemann
1-Jan-2016RF Power Commissioning and an Electron Beam Diagnostic Station for a New RF-gun at Chiang Mai UniversityN. Chaisueb; S. Chumkong; N. Kangrang; E. Kongmon; K. Kosaentor; P. Naboonmee; J. Saisut; N. Sudloy; C. Thongbai; W. Thongpakdi; S. Rimjaem
1-Jan-2014RF study and 3-D simulations of a side-coupling thermionic RF-gunS. Rimjaem; K. Kusoljariyakul; C. Thongbai
16-Dec-2019Simulation and measurement of electromagnetic undulator prototype for production of THz radiationP. Kitisri; S. Suphakul; C. Thongbai; S. Rimjaem
1-Jan-2016Studies on electron linear accelerator system for polymer reseachE. Kongmon; N. Kangrang; M. W. Rhode; J. Saisut; C. Thongbai; P. Wichaisirimongkol; S. Rimjeam
21-Jul-2011Study of thermionic RF-gun phase-space dynamics and slice emittance under influence of external electromagnetic fieldsK. Kusoljariyakul; C. Thongbai
30-Nov-2010THz radiation based on femtosecond electron bunches and THz imagingJ. Saisut; K. Kusoljariyakul; N. Kangrang; P. Wichaisirimongkol; C. Tengsirivattana; P. Thamboon; M. W. Rhodes; C. Thongbai
1-Jul-2018A THz Spectroscopy System Based on Coherent Radiation from Ultrashort Electron BunchesJ. Saisut; S. Rimjaem; C. Thongbai