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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Characterization of an equal channel angular pressed Al-Zn-In alloyC. Banjongprasert; A. Jak-Ra; C. Domrong; U. Patakham; W. Pongsaksawad; T. Chairuangsri
28-Jan-2021Effects of heat treatments on the microstructure and hardness of thermally sprayed Ni-Cr-Mo-Al alloy coatingA. Srichen; C. Banjongprasert
25-Nov-2016Fabrication and properties of NiCr/CNTs nanocomposite coatings prepared by High Velocity Oxy-Fuel SprayingD. Deesom; K. Charoenrut; S. Moonngam; C. Banjongprasert
1-Feb-2013Fabrication and properties of thermal sprayed AlSi-based coatings from nanocomposite powdersA. Limpichaipanit; C. Banjongprasert; P. Jaiban; S. Jiansirisomboon
25-Nov-2016Fe-Cr/CNTs nanocomposite feedstock powders produced by chemical vapor deposition for thermal spray coatingsS. Moonngam; P. Tunjina; D. Deesom; C. Banjongprasert
25-Feb-2020The influence of post treatments on the microstructure and corrosion behavior of thermally sprayed NiCrMoAl alloy coatingP. Daram; C. Banjongprasert
15-Jun-2020Microstructural evolution and nanoindentation of NiCrMoAl alloy coating deposited by arc sprayingP. Daram; P. R. Munroe; C. Banjongprasert
16-Dec-2019Microstructure and electrochemical study of equal channel angular pressed Al-Zn alloysP. Khamnantha; S. Linjee; N. S. Palsson; C. Banjongprasert
25-Nov-2016Microstructure and photocatalytic activities of thermal sprayed titanium dioxide/carbon nanotubes composite coatingsP. Daram; C. Banjongprasert; W. Thongsuwan; S. Jiansirisomboon
28-Jan-2021Microstructure and properties of arc sprayed Zn-Al alloy coatingsT. Kaewpradit; D. Yutthakamthon; W. Pongsaksawad; P. Sheppard; H. Koiprasert; C. Banjongprasert
1-Dec-2010Spray forming of bulk ultrafine-grained Al-Fe-Cr-TiC. Banjongprasert; S. C. Hogg; E. Liotti; C. A. Kirk; S. P. Thompson; J. Mi; P. S. Grant