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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2010Influence of nickel nanoparticle-substitution on dielectric properties of P(BN)ZT ceramicsNittaya Jaitanong; Wanwilai C. Vittayakorn; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Dec-2009Investigation of the mechanical and in vitro biological properties of ordinary and white Portland cementsPincha Torkittikul; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2020Microstructure and dielectric properties of 0-3 connectivity lead-free BCTS-Portland cement compositesRuamporn Potong; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Arnon Chaipanich
26-May-2016Microstructure and electrical properties of 0-3 connectivity barium titanate−Portland cement composite with 40% barium titanate contentRattiyakorn Rianyoi; Ruamporn Potong; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jun-2017Microstructure and performance of 1–3 connectivity environmental friendly lead-free BNBK-Portland cement compositesRuamporn Potong; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Oct-2020Microstructure and phase characterizations of fly ash cements by alkali activationSak Sanchindapong; Chalermphan Narattha; Manow Piyaworapaiboon; Sakprayut Sinthupinyo; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2018Microstructure, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of 0–3 lead free barium zirconate titanate ceramic-Portland fly ash cement compositesPhakin Chomyen; Rumporn Potong; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Aug-2011Microstructure: Surface and cross-sectional studies of hydroxyapatite formation on the surface of white Portland cement paste in vitroArnon Chaipanich; Pincha Torkittikul
10-Jan-2018Phase characterizations, physical properties and strength of environment-friendly cold-bonded fly ash lightweight aggregatesChalermphan Narattha; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2018Poling effects and piezoelectric properties of PVDF-modified 0–3 connectivity cement-based/lead-free 0.94(Bi<inf>0.5</inf>Na<inf>0.5</inf>)TiO<inf>3</inf>–0.06BaTiO<inf>3</inf>piezoelectric ceramic compositesRattiyakorn Rianyoi; Ruamporn Potong; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Nov-2022Properties of CNTs-modified lead-free BCTS ceramic–Portland fly ash cement compositesRuamporn Potong; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2014Ternary blends of Portland cement, bottom ash and silica fume: Compressive strength of mortars and phase characterizationsArnon Chaipanich; Watcharapong Wongkeo
8-Oct-2013Thermal activation on phase formation of alkaline activated kaolin based systemSomsak Boonjaeng; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Arnon Chaipanich; Sutin Kuharuangrong; Prinya Chindaprasirt
1-Feb-2010Thermal analysis and microstructure of Portland cement-fly ash-silica fume pastesArnon Chaipanich; Thanongsak Nochaiya
1-Nov-2019Thermal analysis and phase formation of eco-friendly cold-bonded high-calcium fly ash–calcium hydroxide lightweight aggregate at various curing timeChalermphan Narattha; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Aug-2017Thermal expansion behaviors of 0–3 connectivity lead-free barium zirconate titanate-Portland cement compositesRuamporn Potong; Rattiyakorn Rianyoi; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Rattikorn Yimnirun; Ruyan Guo; Amar S. Bhalla; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2019Thermogravimetric analysis and microstructure of alkali-activated metakaolin cement pastesArnon Chaipanich; Kornnika Wianglor; Manow Piyaworapaiboon; Sakprayut Sinthupinyo
1-Oct-2020Thermogravimetric analysis and phase characterizations of Portland fly ash limestone cementsArnon Chaipanich; Supitchaya Thongsomboon; Phakin Chomyen
22-Oct-2015Thermogravimetry analysis, compressive strength and thermal conductivity tests of non-autoclaved aerated Portland cement-fly ash-silica fume concreteChalermphan Narattha; Pailyn Thongsanitgarn; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Sep-2013Thermogravimetry of ternary cement blends: Effect of different curing methodsWatcharapong Wongkeo; Pailyn Thongsanitgarn; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Arnon Chaipanich